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New York Employment Law & Personal Injury Blog

New York government cracks down on sexual harassment

Following the national conversation and steps in the federal government, New York is starting 2018 with a crackdown on sexual harassment.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans on January 2 to propose legislation that would block government officials from using taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment claims, ban confidentiality agreements related to cases of sexual harassment in state and local government, and standardize anti-harassment policies across agencies.

Seeking compensation is about more than just money

The wintry roads are ones that invite accidents, especially since some drivers think they are invincible and continue to drive like they would if the roads were clear. When there is snow or ice on the roads, you need to make sure that you are planning extra time to get to your destination. You must ensure that you don't have to rush to get to where you are going.

We understand that you might be struck by another driver who isn't driving in a safe manner. Accidents that occur even though you are driving safely are particularly devastating because you know that you didn't have a part in the cause.

CPSC warns of hidden hazard: TVs and furniture that tip over

Did you get a big-screen TV for the holidays? Perhaps you bought a new dresser for your child's room? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission urges you to anchor heavy electronics and furniture to walls in order to prevent them from tipping over. The majority of tip-over accidents injure children, who are prone to climb furniture, but adults are at risk, too.

The CPSC recently initiated a safety campaign called "Anchor It!" to encourage families to properly secure furniture and televisions to walls. This requires determining whether the object needs tip-over protection, considering where to locate the object, and making sure you have the proper hardware.

Woman settles claim for outrageous hostile work environment based on gender

Female executive for a food exporter settled her gender discrimination case for a significant "confidential" sum, pursuant to a negotiated severance agreement and package. Client was subjected to an extremely hostile environment including senior management's culture of derogatory and discriminatory conduct towards females. Reference to female employees as 'fucking cunts'; comments made to other female employees that they were only useful if seen when wearing sexy short skirts"; Female executives were routinely paid less than males for similar work.

How is sexual harassment actually defined?

With all the talk of sexual harassment and misconduct these days, a lot of people are confused. What actually constitutes sexual harassment? What conduct is illegal at work? Can you get in trouble merely for offending an especially touchy person? Is giving someone a pat on the back going to get you fired?

They're fair questions which courts have wrestled with over time. An offhand comment or isolated incident is unlikely to be considered sexual harassment. That said, the kinds of behavior that would be considered sexual harassment can be quite pervasive in some workplaces.

The 6 most common traffic crash scenarios, according to data

Traditional statistics on motor vehicle accidents has been useful, but they have been limited. They haven't been able to give us a detailed understanding of what causes the estimated 6 million crashes that occur on American roads every year.

As we've discussed before, the number of fatal traffic accidents rose last year by 5.6 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That was after an 8-percent jump in 2015. Why?

Met Opera suspends renowned conductor for sexual misconduct

Did the Metropolitan Opera brush aside allegations of sexual misconduct by its conductor James Levine? As you may have heard, the company has suspended Levine pending the outcome of an investigation. Yet according to the New York Times, the Met had received credible allegations of sexual abuse over a year ago.

The Times reports that four men have come forward to accuse Levine of sexual misconduct. Three were reportedly Levine's students at the Meadow Brook School of Music, and at least one appears to have also been underage when alleged sexual abuse occurred.

Understanding post-vehicle accident fundamentals

New York City is compact. The island of Manhattan alone is just 23 square miles in size and is, by the latest count, home to more than 1.5 million people. By comparison, the most developed land mass in Wisconsin's Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, Madeline, is nearly twice as large and home to just 300 year-round residents.

Motor vehicle accidents happen in both locations, but it should surprise no one that they occur a lot more frequently in Manhattan. And you can be sure that the crashes in New York tend to cause more severe injuries. Still, there is little difference between the two sites when it comes to the steps to take after a collision. New York law requires certain actions.

What should I know about New York's Paid Family Leave?

Paid family leave is coming to New York. As of Jan. 1, 2018, a new law takes effect that officials in Albany describe as a "pivotal next step in the pursuit of equality and dignity in both the workplace and home."

Few would dispute that description, though many might argue that it's been too long in coming. They might equally argue that it's not enough. Still, it is the law, and because it is mandatory and employees will be paying for the benefit, we thought it a good time to look at some of the key provisions. Protecting employee's rights requires that employees know what they are.

Cracks in Manhattan building pose risk of injury

In Manhattan, new skyscrapers gleam against the original structures of New York’s heritage. As fresh developments change the landscape, however, many older buildings are being forgotten. The rising issue of poor structural maintenance threatens the safety of New York residents. In some cases, the building could collapse, causing serious injury to you and your family.

Recently, a defect forced tenants of an apartment complex on the Upper East Side to evacuate. One resident discovered a deep crevice in the foundation, which the fire department considered a major cause of alarm. Repairs began immediately as tenants packed up essential items and vacated.

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