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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Motor vehicle automation and the issue of liability, P.1

Previously, we looked briefly at the push to include automatic braking technology in new models of motor vehicles, and the promise this technology holds with respect to improving highway safety. This is true, of course, of automatic driving technology in general. The effort to make these technologies more available on the mass market is largely driven by the desire to cut out human error and thereby reduce motor vehicle accidents.

Automatic braking technology holds promise, but may also present liability issues

Automatic driving technologies, and automated driving in general, is an important emerging issue in the world of automobile manufacturing. The promise of increasing highway safety through use of this technology is great, but the regulatory structure surrounding automatic driving technologies is still developing.

Making use of police crash reports in personal injury litigation

Previously, we began looking at a recent National Safety Council report on the deficiencies in gathering of crash data during law enforcement investigations. As we noted, the report made several recommendations for states to improve their investigation procedures. These include taking an investigatory approach to data gathering, updating forms more frequently to ensure emerging crash factors are recorded, gathering information recorded electronically, and using electronic crash reporting.

What is comparative negligence, and how does it work in New York?

Motor vehicle accidents can be complex, and it isn’t always easy to determine who is liable for a crash. In some cases, liability may be easily attributable to the actions of only one party. In other cases, liability may be distributed among multiple parties, including the individual who initiates a personal injury lawsuit.

Federal regulations and trucking accidents: a brief look at the Hours of Service rules

In any motor vehicle accident case, it is critical for the accident victim to carefully investigate the evidence, identify all potentially liable parties, and gather as much evidence as possible demonstrating their role in causing the accident. When it comes to trucking accidents, there are a number of things that can be contributing factors to a crash.

More on the Snapchat distracted driving case and the issues of causation, foreseeability

Previously, we briefly mentioned a distracted driving case in which the developer of the app Snapchat was held to be immune from liability for a user’s distracted driving accident. Immunity was granted based on a federal law protecting providers and users of interactive computer services from liability for statements made by other content providers.

Looking a bit more at that Snapchat distracted driving case

Previously, we began discussing a recent case in which a court dismissed a claim against the developer of the app Snapchat for its alleged role in an accident caused by a teen driver using the app’s “speed filter” feature. The teen driver, according to sources, had been using that feature while travelling at a high rate of speed.

Couple loses bid to sue Snapchat over unsafe app feature involved in 2015 crash

Distracted driving is, as readers know, a significant problem in the United States, particularly distracted driving caused by cell phone use. Despite the passage of state laws specifically penalizing distracted driving, public education campaigns on the dangers of distracted driving, and increased enforcement efforts, the habit of distracted driving has proven to be a stubborn one.

Looking at the hours of service rules

Previously, we began looking at the issue of truck driver fatigue and the controversial 34-hour restart rule. As we noted last time, the controversy over the rule has not fully been resolved. For now, the “two periods” provision remains suspended, but that doesn’t mean it will remain suspended permanently.

Speeding: a top cause of trucking accidents, P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at the topic of speeding in automobile accidents, particularly in truck accidents. As we noted, research has shown that speeding is a top cause of truck accidents. In addition to the “critical events” which speeding can cause on the roadway, research has categorized various underlying causes for truck accidents involving speeding.

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