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If you believe your employer is committing fraud against the government, you have a right to report this behavior to the authorities. Not only does reporting put an end to the illegal behavior, it can also provide financial benefits to the whistleblower: Those who report fraud against the government are entitled to a percentage of the amount recovered.

Whistleblowing can be a stressful process, and workers often have a number of important questions. If you are thinking about reporting fraud against the government, the law office of Taubman Kimelman & Soroka, LLP, has the answers you are looking for. When you schedule a free consultation at our law firm, a member of our experienced staff will address your concerns and guide you through the next steps.

What Is Financial Fraud?

Broadly speaking, financial fraud is any activity that unlawfully deprives the government of money, either by demanding money for services not rendered or by avoiding payment to the government.

Financial fraud reporting is governed by the New York State False Claims Act, a law that provides a wide range of rights and protections to whistleblowers. The act applies to workers in a wide range of employment sectors, including health care, prison services and government construction.

Recovering Compensation

Under a policy known as qui tam, if the government recovers any compensation from your employer as the result of your whistleblowing, you may claim a portion of the award. The percentage varies depending on the circumstances, but given the large amount of money involved in many fraud cases, whistleblowers often stand to claim significant compensation.

It is important to act quickly when reporting financial fraud, as the monetary rewards will only go to the first person to file a case. Subsequent claimants will not receive compensation.

Protection Against Retaliation

It is unlawful for employers to retaliate against whistleblowers. If you suffer termination, demotion or any other negative consequence after blowing the whistle, our qui tam lawyers will help you fight back. We will push hard to see you reinstated and compensated for your lost wages and attorney's fees.

Learn More about Your Rights when Fighting Financial Fraud

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