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August 2017 Archives

Could former Google engineer have a valid retaliation claim? P.2

Previously, we noted about the case of former Google engineer James Damore that the strength of any retaliation claim he might make would likely depend on whether Google had knowledge of the complaint he made to the National Labor Relations Board prior to his termination, as well as the extent to which Google was motivated by the complaint in its decision to fire him.

Could former Google engineer have a valid retaliation claim?

Previously, we began looking at the case of James Damore, the former Google engineer who wrote a 10-page memo criticizing Google’s diversity policy. As we noted, Damore was fired after filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, the agency responsible for investigating and resolving allegations of unfair labor practices.

These signs point to age discrimination

It seems like no matter how many laws are passed, discrimination in the workplace is still a problem for many people. Some forms, such as age discrimination, are even becoming more frequent. Part of the reason for this uptick in age discrimination is the number of baby boomers in the workforce.

Fired Google engineer believes retaliation behind his termination

One of the ongoing discussions in the technology sector, one which the industry is trying to come to grips with, is gender inequality. The fact of the matter is that men play a larger role than women in the technology industry, and the problem doesn’t appear to be getting better.

Is a blow to the head in a car accident really dangerous?

When you are involved in a car accident, you may not immediately register just how violent such an accident really is, especially if you only received a blow to the head and no other visible injuries.

The importance of exploring regulatory noncompliance in truck accident cases, P.2

In our previous post, we pointed out that the trucking industry is heavily regulated. One set of truck safety regulations that has received a great deal of attention in recent years is the hours of service rules. These rules are intended to address the problem of truck driver fatigue. Although driver fatigue is not exclusively a problem among truck drivers, it is a particular concern in the trucking industry due to the long hours trucker drivers spend on the road and the pressure to maximize productivity.

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