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These signs point to age discrimination

It seems like no matter how many laws are passed, discrimination in the workplace is still a problem for many people. Some forms, such as age discrimination, are even becoming more frequent. Part of the reason for this uptick in age discrimination is the number of baby boomers in the workforce.

Have you experienced behavior that might classify as age discrimination? Do you know what signs to look for that might prove you are a victim? If you have suffered age discrimination in a New York workplace, you might be able to take legal action and get the justice you deserve. Read further for signs of age discrimination.

Younger workers in, older workers out

When a company starts laying off its older workers or offering them buyouts while bringing in more inexperienced staff, this might be a sign that age discrimination is prevalent. Many organizations try to pass this as off as adhering to the "culture" of the company, but in reality, it is an attempt to bring in a younger workforce that is willing to accept lower wages.

A less than optimal change in duties

If your boss suddenly reassigns you to tasks that are menial or unpleasant, this could be the company's attempt to cause you to quit. By reducing your duties or moving you from an account management position to the mail room, upper management may be trying to force you out while keeping their hands clean.

Retirement talk

When your boss asks you when you are going to retire, but you have made no indication that you are planning to do so, consider this a red flag. If you find yourself fielding questions like this, it could be an indication that upper management is looking for a way to push you out. When you find yourself in this situation, have some responses ready that make it clear you have no intention of retiring anytime soon. If possible, try to make sure a coworker is around to witness the exchange and after, take the time to send an email to your boss that includes a summary of the encounter and your lack of desire to retire.

Skipped over at raise time

If you had a great year at work with high productivity and you skipped over when management hands out raises, this could be a sign of age discrimination. For example, if you and a younger coworker each had similar years with similarly good reviews, and he gets a raise, but you do not, this could indicate a problem.

A drop in performance reviews

If your performance is consistent, but you suddenly start getting negative reviews, you might have a problem. This is fairly typical when a new and younger management team takes over an organization or if your boss is looking for a way to cut costs by letting go of older employees with higher salaries.

If you feel like you have suffered age discrimination, start gathering as much evidence as possible. Your attorney will evaluate your case and help you fight for your rights as an employee.

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