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Consider this W.A.T.C.H. list of dangerous summer toys

The consumer watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H. has just released its 2018 list of potentially dangerous summer toys for kids. Some 2.5 million American children are hurt every summer, the group says, and many of those injuries are preventable.

This year, the group called special attention to swimming and wading pools after Olympian Bode Miller's young daughter Emeline drowned in a neighbor's swimming pool on June 10. The group reminds everyone that even shallow wading pools can be potentially fatal to young children.

Here are W.A.T.C.H.'s Top 10 most dangerous toys of 2018:

10. Trampolines and bounce houses. These products offer a false sense of security. Potential injuries include fractures, spine injuries and paralysis.

9. High-powered water guns and guns that shoot projectiles. Either type has the potential to cause serious eye injuries and even blindness.

8. Backyard water slides. These are designed for children only. Inappropriate use by teens or adults could result in a head, neck or spine injury.

7. Baby pools, garden buckets and any shallow water. Any container of liquid could be a drowning hazard to babies and toddlers.

6. Toys with small or breakable parts. If the toy, or even a broken piece of the toy, could fit through a toilet paper roll, it could be a choking hazard.

5. ATVs. All-terrain vehicles are prone to collisions and overturning. An accident could mean broken bones, head injuries or other impact injuries. Children should never operate or ride as passengers on ATVs.

4. Household pools. Whether in-ground or above ground, swimming pools can be dangerous unless swimmers are carefully supervised. Since they can easily attract unsupervised children, owner are encouraged to put multiple locking barriers between pools and potential visitors.

3. Big Wheels, plastic tricycles and low-riding wheeled toys. These vehicles are so low to the ground that they are extremely hard for drivers to spot, yet young children are tempted to ride them on sidewalks and in streets.

2. Lawn darts. Yes, pointed lawn darts were banned in 1988, but modified versions keep entering the market. These risk blunt-impact injuries and eye injuries.

1. Water balloon slingshots. The slingshot allows water balloons to move at a high velocity, risking serious eye injuries. Moreover, balloons in general create a serious choking hazard for children.

The group urges everyone, but especially parents, to become familiar with what kinds of toys have caused injury in the past. You should also visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to learn about what toys have been recalled.

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