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Your role in preventing motorcycle collisions

When it comes to roadway safety, every person in every type of vehicle can contribute to the safety of others on the road. Whether you drive on two, three, four or 18 wheels, your awareness and behavior on the roads affects the safety of everyone else near you.

For motorcyclists in New York, the risks of injury and death exceed those of other travelers on the road. While motorcycles make up only two percent of all registered vehicles in New York City, they account for 14 percent of fatalities on the roads in the city.

Fatal motorcycle accidents most often involve another vehicle, making other vehicles one of the most dangerous factors for riders in New York City. No matter what you drive or ride, consider some safety reminders to do your part in reducing the rate of motorcycle accidents.

Safety reminders for drivers

For those motorists behind the wheel, there are a number of simple reminders to consider which can contribute to decreasing the chances of a collision with a motorcycle. Collisions with other vehicles are more likely than a solo crash for motorcyclists, so other motorists can make a major difference by adhering to safety precautions. Some key reminders include:

  • Always use a turn signal and let it run for a few seconds before making a move across lanes of traffic. Left turns and lane changes to overtake a vehicle are predominant causes of motorcycle collisions, so give a rider the chance to see your intended move before you make it.
  • Additionally, check blind spots and your surroundings before changing lanes or turning across traffic. One look is often not enough, so it’s best to take a second look in case you missed spotting a motorcyclist or a potential hazard.
  • Don’t follow too close behind a motorcycle. Leave about four seconds of space between the front of your vehicle and a motorcycle to have ample time to stop.
  • Motorcyclists get a full lane of traffic, the same as another motor vehicle. Don’t crowd the lane next to a motorcycle or other small vehicles.

Reminders for motorcyclists

In addition to other drivers, motorcyclists also need to prioritize their safety on the roads to reduce the rate of accidents. Never ride impaired, stay aware of weather and road conditions, perform maintenance on your vehicle and stay alert while riding. An injury on a motorcycle can have life-changing and lasting impacts on you and your loved ones, so take precautions when riding in New York City.

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