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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

When a driver’s leg falls asleep

As a driver, it is pivotal to make sure that you are fit to drive. This includes getting behind the wheel when you are sober and staying off the road if you are dangerously fatigued. Drivers also know to avoid distractions such as cell phones and it may make sense to avoid driving if you are very sick. However, there are many other unexpected ways in which things can go wrong on the road. For example, a driver may have his or her leg fall asleep and losing the ability to control your leg could significantly increase the chances of a wreck.

Car crashes and erratic pedestrian behavior

Motor vehicle wrecks take place for countless reasons, some of which are quite common (drunk driving accidents, fender benders, and so on), while others involve elements that are unusual. For example, a traffic accident which involves a pedestrian may take place because of the pedestrian’s erratic behavior. Whether you drive near pedestrians or you walk on the road yourself, it is crucial to be aware of this issue and do everything you can to avoid a pedestrian accident.

Limo company failures, unsafe intersection may be factors in crash

New York is still reeling after the recent crash of a stretch limousine in upstate New York that resulted in the death of 18 occupants, including the driver and 17 people headed to a birthday party, and two pedestrians. A 2001 Ford Excursion that had been modified into a limo reportedly blew through the stop sign at a T-junction intersection, then struck a parked SUV and the two pedestrians. The limo was operated by Prestige Limousine Chauffeur Service.

Your role in preventing motorcycle collisions

When it comes to roadway safety, every person in every type of vehicle can contribute to the safety of others on the road. Whether you drive on two, three, four or 18 wheels, your awareness and behavior on the roads affects the safety of everyone else near you.

Why don't commercial trucks have crash-avoidance technology?

According to federal data, the number of fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks is up 28 percent since 2009. In 2016, 4,300 people were killed in trucking accidents in the United States.

Driver education with exposure to real injuries may help teens

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of accidental death among U.S. teens, accounting for one out of three accidental deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Partly that is due to teen drivers' inexperience, which makes it more difficult for them to respond effectively during an emergency. They often risk distraction by using their phones while driving, or by driving a group of teen passengers. Sometimes they just take risks.

US on track for 40,000 traffic deaths this year

Despite various improvements in roadway and vehicle safety, the U.S. is on track to reach nearly 40,000 traffic fatalities in 2018, according to preliminary numbers from the National Safety Council. Based on statistics reported by each state, the Council estimates that 18.720 people died on U.S. roads between January and June.

We must do more to prevent accidents involving drunk pedestrians

"We want to help everyone get home safely," says the executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). "Humans are always going to make an error. It shouldn't cost them their life."

Going hands free still has its risks

As our mobile devices become more sophisticated, our opportunity to be continually accessible grows. Our connectivity is addictive, and when we get behind the wheel, it can be difficult to give it up. When we’re speeding down the highway and hear that alluring ping of an incoming message, it’s tempting to pick up our phone.

Report: 44 pct of drivers killed in crashes had drugs in system

In 2016, a recent report from the Governors Highway Safety Association finds, a large percentage of drivers killed in traffic accidents had some form of cannabis or opioids in their system. Specifically, of those fatally injured drivers who were tested for drugs, 43.6 percent tested positive. Of those with positive results, 38 percent tested positive for cannabis, 16 percent for opioids, and 4 for both.

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