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Sexual Harassment Archives

2 more prominent reporters are accused of sexual harassment

A Fox News correspondent and a Washington Post reporter are the latest to suffer negative job actions due to apparent sexual harassment complaints. Fox's James Rosen reportedly left Fox News after the network began looking into sexual misconduct allegations against him. Joel Achenbach of the Post has been given a 90-day suspension after unspecified misconduct said to involve female colleagues.

Woman settles claim for outrageous hostile work environment based on gender

Female executive for a food exporter settled her gender discrimination case for a significant "confidential" sum, pursuant to a negotiated severance agreement and package. Client was subjected to an extremely hostile environment including senior management's culture of derogatory and discriminatory conduct towards females. Reference to female employees as 'fucking cunts'; comments made to other female employees that they were only useful if seen when wearing sexy short skirts"; Female executives were routinely paid less than males for similar work.

How is sexual harassment actually defined?

With all the talk of sexual harassment and misconduct these days, a lot of people are confused. What actually constitutes sexual harassment? What conduct is illegal at work? Can you get in trouble merely for offending an especially touchy person? Is giving someone a pat on the back going to get you fired?

Met Opera suspends renowned conductor for sexual misconduct

Did the Metropolitan Opera brush aside allegations of sexual misconduct by its conductor James Levine? As you may have heard, the company has suspended Levine pending the outcome of an investigation. Yet according to the New York Times, the Met had received credible allegations of sexual abuse over a year ago.

Employers note: Sexual harassment is never accidental

If you were to do a person-on-the-street survey today asking what are the top five most prominent issues on peoples' minds, chances are good that sexual harassment would be on the list of the respondents. Workplace harassment against women is common in New York. So is harassment of men, though it's not talked about nearly as often.

Sexual harassment takes many forms and affects all genders

#MeToo is the newest banner sweeping across social media platforms. The message gathered momentum in recent weeks in connection with alleged sexual harassment suffered at the hands of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Most who are adding their voices to the movement are women, but a male faction is beginning to speak up, too.

Are you employed in a hostile work environment?

Discrimination and harassment can make your work environment completely hostile. If you feel like your coworkers or supervisors at your New York job are harassing you based on your age, gender, race, sexual orientation or any other protected status, then you may be experiencing a disruption in your performance and well as in your overall career path.

Sexual harassment is never acceptable

Sexual harassment is something that no worker should ever have to endure. The incidents of sexual harassment are taken so seriously that the federal government has issued laws to prevent these horrible events. New York also has specific laws against sexual harassment.

Recognizing the signs of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment

Sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination which can take a variety of forms. Not every form of sexual harassment is easily or immediately recognizable as such. In some cases, an employee is too close to the situation and the relationships giving rise to the harassment that he or she may not see it clearly right away. Or, maybe the employee suspects that harassment has occurred, but isn’t sure if what occurred is illegal.

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